For Those Who Avoid Hard Work...

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    Just came across this, so translating it into English and sharing it here. Because to us gardeners, it makes perfect sense.

    Shirkers, basically those who often try to avoid any type of laborious work. Always end up with half finished things, which never take them anywhere in life.

    For the quick comfort which they gain by avoiding work, is always very short lived. As the unfinished task which they avoided, continues to linger. Which they need to either keep on avoiding over and over again. Or find clever ways to pass it on to someone else, (which too doesn't always work out so well).

    This in the long run is actually more taxing on the mind. Yet they will never change their ways, as they have a phobia of hard work. So they keep going around in circles throughout life, unable to escape from this vicious cycle. Which they themselves have spun around themselves.

    While the hardworking person's laborious duty is often short lived. Their periods of rest too are well earned and long. As well as complimented with the fruits of their labour. Which often carry side benefits also. And their minds too are always at ease.

    Yet the shirker will never see this, they will never learn. No matter how hard you try...

    Even though logically, it's less laborious to do something properly once, with dedication. And keep enjoying it's benefits for a very long time. Instead of keep on findings ways of avoiding or putting it off. Which keeps on coming back at them in different ways endlessly.

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