Found growing in planter w/moss & Chinese Maple/tiny bright green leaves/hard stem/leaves at base

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    I found this plant growing in a planter under a Chinese Maple. The green leaves at the base look just like tiny versions of butterwort, but several are growing clumped together instead of single. Then a hard brown stem comes up from that and at the top it grows the tiniest bright green leaves! Almost like a miniature tree! Even the person at the nursery couldn't tell me what it was. And I've got nothing from those identification apps where you take a pic of your plant, either. Hoping someone here recognizes it. It was so much more beautiful, but because the leaves at the bottom are so thick and rainforest like, I tried playing it in a terrarium... So now it's not so beautiful anymore. Much of it wilted and died. Sigh. I'm hoping to figure this out before I kill it completely. I would also like to say that the there is one tiny, hard, brown root coming from underneath and it's so short and shallow, that I have to have a stake to help it stand upright. They're are now tiny white roots growing from underneath, but they are growing very slowly and they are even more shallow that the main root.
    I believe it might be Winter Savory!! I found a pic that looks like it really could be a possibility.

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    The smell of your plant's crushed leaves will tell you. Savory has a distinctive fragrance.

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