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    Frank, I think to do this is best to just do it exclusively available here in this forum. Have it on a yearly basis say before Christmas. The number of items have to be limited because suppliers would insist on some kind of minimum quantity for the cost to be justified. Payment had to be collected in advance after confirming the quantity since this a non profit thing and I guess this a very fair practice. Most of all Frank need not carry any stock so it would not be a burden on his cash flow. Volunteer assistance for this project would definitely be great.

    This is just my 2 cents worth. :)
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    Yes I agree 100%, Frank should not be burdened. Not for storage space of the items, nor would it be fair to have any money tied up in this adventure.

    OK, I have an improvement to suggest. Why don't we all make something that has the GardenStew logo on it (for our own selves of course)! Many ladies over here know how to do embroidery on fabric, I also know at least one person here who knows screen printing too. And I of course have already made a 3D version of the GardenStew logo.

    So by new year's eve - Why don't we all show what we created and gifted to our own selves? :D Of course, we will need Frank's permission first (if we are to put his logo on something of ours). I too am actually skating on very thin ice here, as what I created below is under the banner of "artistic license" (and I have not at all made any financial profit from this, nor will I ever want to). Yes, Frank as always is being a very good sport about it. But still, the right way is to first explain what we will be doing, then ask for permission - Only after which we can apply our ideas! :)

    GardenStew_Gift-Shop (best version) ( photo / image / picture from S-H's Garden )

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