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    CAYU--Well, that's an understatement. hahaha. I sure do have my work cut out for me. At the end of each day, I just eat, shower and go to bed. We are working seven days a week. It would have been great if the Stew was located close by...for I would not have said no to an offer for help. We have done all this work mostly with the two of us...and there is a handyman. He does a really great job for us.
    As for the old place--well, I have to remove most everything from that including wallpaper and laminate, light fixtures and so forth. That is normal here. The place that we bought had lovely wooden floors and those looked great after special attention.

    TONI--We got the flat totally empty and that is the way that we must return it.--Loads of work with that. Thanks so much for your well-wishes. I appreciate that.
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    WOW, the landlords over there sure save a lot of money that way and I can see why you would not want to move very often. :eek:

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