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    @Pacnorwest there is huge and growing concern here in the UK as well as in other countries all over the world about the safety (or lack of it) of the Mrna vaccines which are experimental. An increasing number of medical doctors are expressing concern and are calling for an inquiry. The Main stream press, and governments are keeping quiet about it which is both worrying and frustrating. The number of excess deaths is rising and is believed to be associated with this problem. It is something that is affecting more young people, not only the older ones (like me)
    In the UK we had just ONE member of parliament who stood up and stated his concern about it. He was instantly sacked!
    I only started looking into it because it led to my heart attack and present difficulties. It worries me a great deal, and I wish more people would start asking questions. I understand that the Astra Zeneca vaccine has already been discontinued. I am happy to send links to follow if you are interested.... maybe by PM unless anyone else wants to know.
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    Tetters. Thank you for sharing your story. I am gutted that this happed to you from Covid injections.
    Plz keep me posted.

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