Have a few Rambling Rose starts and Moses in a Boat ,,

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    A while back I took some cuttings from my old Rambling Rose and stuck them in a six pack. Wasn`t sure if they would root. Almost all did but all I need is one. Have no where to put the rest of them. These are the old fashioned red ones that have a scent. They make long runners and are great along a fence and are drought tolerant. Anyone is welcome to them just pay the postage. Also have something called Moses in a Boat starting to run and multiply. Have a bunch of them. Also drought tolerant but would need to come inside in winter. By spring you would have several for transplant outside. Grows similar to airplane plant or some call them spider plants.
    Also have purple (I think) Passion flower seeds !! Found one growing on the fence that was loaded with fruit. But found it too late for the fruit to be good.
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