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Discussion in 'Fruit and Veg Gardening' started by hummerbum, Dec 15, 2018.

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    Congratulations! Your place is LOVELY!!!
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    What a great pic, Hummer. That little guy looks so content there. The elephant ear looks good and strong.
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    Thank you @Islandlife.. You know that i worked really hard from the day we moved in. I am still amazed at all the first year progress...some hits and misses, but that learning. I must say that the method that i used for the beds, is the real star. I literally did not water after the first week they were made and only then, did i realize that I was over-watering. If it didn't rain, it didn't happen and they performed beautifully because of what is/was in those beds. The person I follow (Morag Gamble) on YT, said that you will not have to water as much, if you put in the effort at the beginning of the season and prepare the beds correctly. My goodness was she right. So I will continue with her methods. Have beds to prepare this fall to take out the angles and start working on my compost area. I'm doing much better with keeping journal and what's going on when in my garden. Hubby reminded me this past weekend (after a plate of sauteed okra from the garden) that we ate most of our veggies from our garden. I've been so busy picking, fermenting, etc and just enjoying, that I didn't even realize that fact, but HE did, which is awesome from where he was mentally before I started.
    Thank you @Sjoerd .. he was didn't move a muscle, almost missed him. Those ears are so big...maybe it had something to do with the kitchen scraps that i separately composted in the holes covered in soil under the roots while they were developing. I do believe it worked because everyone of those ears have massive stalks and ears. Not to mention, how the beds were made. But just wait, I'm ordering the colossal ears to show out around the pool area next year...will be a small tropical garden back there.

    I'm having so much fun with this yard, that i have to constantly remind myself, a little at a time to prevent burnout. It is a bit one-sided though...no work on the other side of the house and that's because of the angel of the lot. So now i have to even it out a bit with partial shade lovers on the other side. It was pretty cool (not temperature wise) this summer because I really got to see where the sun is most intense and what is in the shade. I do know that at some point, I will add beds between the neighbors on both sides to give it some kind of boundary. Please start sending any ideas you may have for that..just without fencing. I mentioned an area outside of the wrought iron fence, that would be perfect for a woodland garden and bench(es). That too, is on the horizon along with a gazebo that would fit perfectly (after trimming the limbs) under an overhang of branches but tucked in the corner where the temp is at least 10 degrees cooler. Still need a space for my outdoor cooking area...dutch oven cooking and a small cob oven made by me, in the future. I now see that all of this will have to somehow blend well with the other....lololol. Still need a few 'urban homestead' tools like a chipper, loppers and compost tumbler like i used to have. Me and my 20 years of ideas......lolol. Stay tuned!!
    Oh did i mention, we are finally getting rid of a storage unit after 2 years? YESSSSSS.....money for other things.
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