Homemade plant "duster"

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    There comes a time when it's necessary to powder plants to stop invasions of carnivorous BUGS bent on destruction, and there's nothing worse than trying to dust them without the aid of a Dustin Mizer to "poof-poof" where needed! Whal..I've come up with a cheap, very effective method.
    Purchase an old pie pan at a second hand store, one with no holes in the bottom if possible. Using a #8 nail, punch holes at 1/2 inch intrevals, from inside out, in ONE HALF of the pan bottom, starting at the center and working down to bottom bend of pan side: leave the other half solid.
    To use, simply pour powder on solid bottom; place pan over plant to be doctored; shake powder down into perferated side and gently begin "sifting" over infested leaves. Pan may easily be manuvered to reach in over bottom leaves and all you want to cover. No lumping; no too much in one spot and not enough in another; NO WASTE..it does the trick beautifully!
    It helps to spray the leaves with a fine mist, first, to make for better adherance of the powder, and a small scoop (about an ounce) of powder will go a long way.
    The pan can also be used for D.E. (diatomaceous earth) applications for slug/snail control, or to spread lime over mossy areas where that's a problem. As with all powders, it's advisable NOT to use them on windy days!
    Hope this helpful hint can be used by others... .
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