Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, etc.

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    I hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving with family and friends. We had a nice one, but Baby is still in NICU. She is off the breathing machine as of Wednesday. So far she seems to be doing okay. They have her on some new kind of medicine to help her breathing. As long as that works she can stay off of it. They have not yet started to teach her to drink from a bottle, but she now has a pacifier. Doctors still do not know when she might come home. She is over 9 lbs, and turning into a little Butterball....

    This past week, we had some 60-70 mph winds, and it took down another tree on the other side of our driveway. Thankfully, it fell away from the house. It did take down the power lines, and ruin the transformer. I never heard a thing, but woke up Wednesday to my dogs barking and the power crew out there fixing things before 7 am. My stove tells me when we have had a power failure with the letters PF in orange, and then a wrong time. It said '4:07', so maybe that is when it happened? I am trying to make arrangements with the power company about another huge elm between the house and the power pole that needs to come down. The ground either needs to dry out or freeze solid. I hope it stays put until then, because we must move some things out of the way for them to cut it down. I miss my trees.

    I spent the rest of the day baking things for Thursday.

    It warmed up on Sabbath, and the sun came out--we had had rain the whole week. Last night a strong wind came in, and it has been very cold and windy here all day. It is still soupy and slippery though.
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