Hoping for some color advice. Photos enclosed

Discussion in 'Choosing Colors' started by adrenalynn, Nov 28, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    I'm seeking some input.

    Never in the past have I had so much trouble selecting a color scheme. Probably because I despise this room/house so much that it just seems daunting...

    Things being what they are, I'm moving from my 3500sq-ft home built in 2006 down to a 1300sq-ft rental built in 1977. I have a tentative thumbs-up to repaint and replace lighting. I'll sneak window treatment in there, but I can't push too much further.

    I'd love to scrape that pop-corn ceiling, but I just don't want to put that kind of time and effort into something that isn't mine. I do own an airless sprayer, and might be coerced into spraying that ceiling if it just has to change.

    Ok - so I'm enclosing three photos of the room, I think the angles for the photos become self-evident.

    I have a large (stretched-U shape, 13' clearance) neutral/slightly warm beige sectional that needs to go in the room. Carpet is a little cooler beige.

    Room is pretty good sized. 24' North-South, 12'-8" East-West. Slider is to the West, fireplace is South, empty wall is North, Stub Wall and alternative entry to kitchen is East. Semi-vaulted ceiling - I didn't measure the height.

    The ceiling fan will absolutely be gone.

    I'm enclosing a small section (copyright respect) of a piece of art I'm really in love with that I'd like to get into the room, and it also gives an idea towards my color palette. I tend toward warm golds, corals, autumn colors, and rich jewel tones. I have always owned Tuscan styling, but this ancient Ranch is never going to be Tuscan...

    Any wall treatment advice considered and tremendously appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

    --- Jodie

    Art for Colors and Incorporation ( photo / image / picture from adrenalynn's Garden )

    South wall facing roughly North ( photo / image / picture from adrenalynn's Garden )

    From North wall facing South ( photo / image / picture from adrenalynn's Garden )

    Stub wall on the left is East away from Slider ( photo / image / picture from adrenalynn's Garden )
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    Since your sectional and carpet are beige, you probably would be using this as one of the colours to work from. Here are some complementing colours to beige:

    Source: http://www.colorblender.com/

    Having just these colours in your room would make it look a bland however so it's best to include other colourful elements, like the art you suggested. In fact, apart from white, I wouldn't suggest adding any of these colours to the walls. Just a personal opinion.
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    For some reason, gold or warm ochre keeps coming to my mind -- is there a gold or ochre-y color in the painting that you can pick up? I rather like the room, myself. It has lots of potential. The fireplace is going to be very cozy. You could grow some flowers in pots and maybe a cute chair for reading outside so you'll have a pretty view in summer through that door too. Good luck with your projct.
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    Being your rooms are narrow, did you ever consider the use of mirrows on the opposite walls from doors and windows, for more light?

    On the long walls add long decorations.

    Tall floor lamps in dark corners.


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