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Discussion in 'How To:' started by Frank, Oct 15, 2010.

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    The GardenStew Postcard Swap is a fun way to connect with other members via postcard, and also to see wonderful, creative postcards from all over the world! Want to take part? Here's what to do:

    Obviously you need the real world address of a GardenStew member to be able to send them a postcard. Here our recommendation: send your email address to the member by Private Message here, and get them to send their real world address via email. This is the most secure method.

    Only send your real world address to someone that you trust. GardenStew can't be held liable if anything bad happens as a result of you sharing your real world address.

    Have fun swapping postcards, and let's see how what strange and wonderful postcards we find :)
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