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    i enjoy going off by myself and driving to new destinations. I have a small 5x8 converted cargo trailer I sometimes tow if the weather has the possibility of cold or rain. This last week I decided to just take my pop up tent, camp cot, the two little dogs and too much food, and clothing (never get this part right) since the weather was to be in the 80s. My sweetie retires next year so I have been creating and planning trips for this summer and fall for us to do during his vacation time.

    Most have been very successful but this one was a bit of a let down with screaming children and mothers (until 12:30 at night) and a repeat only with partying teenagers and an hourly train the next night. Then there was also the ticks, yuck! Out of the three campgrounds I stayed at and the multiple ones I visited, I only found one we will make a return trip to. I always meet interesting, friendly people though and have new, varied experiences. Just driving and seeing new places always invigorates me.

    Here is my 6x6x6 tent and traveling buddies.
    1D456AA8-354F-42CA-95E0-82E62E7DE08D.jpeg 60D3F0E2-D50F-4018-9A83-1F01BA966BA7.jpeg

    The first camp was at a Beacon Rock on the lower Columbia River. Lovely area but huge, long trains run on both sides of the river pretty much constantly. Only good if you love the sound of trains. But the campground was small and lovely and Beacon Rock and the river huge and awe inspiring.

    2F358F0C-8B5B-46F1-82E5-0A2CA61B590E.jpeg 3DC91A2D-52A9-438E-8884-1C924EBEC696.jpeg

    Next I spent 2 nights on the middle part of the Columbia River by Vantage. The Ginko Petrified Forest Park was there. I had long wanted to stop and see this part of our state. I toured the petrified forest, little museum and surrounding parks, dams and area making a gigantic loop to see a couple of other smaller rivers and their camping options (there are many with the BLM, Forest Service, State Parks and utility companies maintaining different campgrounds in the area. Wanucum State Campground where I spent two nights, had nice facilities for camping with electricity, water, sewer hookups, and lawns watered in the desert area. Lots of people bring huge motor homes, and boats to play and fish on the river. Here are some of the flowers that were in bloom. Also pictured is Mt. Hood from the Washington side of the river.

    2EAF21BB-9AE8-415C-A5F2-C783360DFA5F.jpeg 5D44B14B-8D07-4717-A281-DD8C7CBF3431.jpeg 52E9B4B0-9D14-45A1-9DBF-828B0FD41194.jpeg

    The last evening I didn’t bother to take photos. It was an area my parents had once lived so I was more interested in seeing how things had changed. The campsites were incredibly primitive with pit toilets and bring your own water. The ticks meant I stayed only one night. The wild turkeys and Canadian geese did a lot of talking through the night right along with the teenagers and rumbling trains. The Yakima River scenic drive was pleasant though.

    Coming home on the last part of my journey was spectacular with Mt Rainier making a pose. I also found a beautiful little state park we will visit in the future with moss, evergreens and flowering native rodies.

    This is the east side of Mt. Rainier coming over White Pass.

    Have other excursions planned for June, July, August and September. My sweetie will get dragged along on those. Only one of those trips will the camping facilities be new to both of us.

    Now to get a good, quiet nights sleep
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    Stunning scenery and it looks as though the weather was kind to you. I really like your tent and it's spacious enough even for the dog bed. It's nice to get away and discover new places especially with dogs as companions isn't it? Pity about the ticks though as they can spoil things for both humans and animals. Thankfully they're not such a big problem over here.
    Mount Rainier is magnificently spectacular and makes a beautiful backdrop for your photographs as does Beacon Rock. To top it all you even showed us some of the wild flowers that you saw!! Thank you for sharing your trip with us Jewell - I enjoyed it immensely. :stew1:
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    I'm so sorry you had a rough couple of nights. I don't camp very often..in fact I hadn't in almost 30 years till Ron and I went on a camping trip to join his daughter and her family at a campsite about 1.5 hours drive from us. It was just lovely!! I realized there is a huge difference between primitive camping and "glamping"...glamor camping. And we enjoyed the latter which was an entirely different experience. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!!!

    I loved your photos! Your traveling companions are adorable! The black and white one looks like a long haired chihuahua or pomeranian. The front one...well who knows lol!
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    Beautiful scenery....with so much violence going on in the world, you are very brave...I think the front dog looks like she is part chihuahua and the back one, papillon by the ears. Both are darling. Careful with the ticks...I know a young man suffering with Lymes disease and it is not pleasant. He use to be so carefree and now this is taking over until they can find the right medications for him...

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