Important questions need to ask?

Discussion in 'Interior Design' started by Rafee Deen, Oct 19, 2015.

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    What are the important questions need to ask with interior designers?
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    First of all,, google the name and see what pops up on the internet ! Check with former clients ask them what their complaints were with this person. Even though they are the designer,, you have to live with the work. Make sure its done to your satisfaction,,not theirs. Always have any construction/electrical work,plumbing or changes of any kind double checked and done to code for your area. Also find out what suppliers think of this person and how they pay their debts. When you do the consultation if it doesn`t feel right,,look for another designer. And most importantly get the method of payment straight, on paper and signed ! Most work is done in three draws. Stick to that guideline.
    Make sure everything is completed to your satisfaction before you pay that last amount no matter what they say !
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    Yes, always always make sure they have completed the job to your satisfaction before paying them that last payment!! Sadly, I learned the hard way.

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