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Discussion in 'Houseplants' started by Jewell, Jan 25, 2020.

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    The weather has been torrential rain, wind and those temperatures most likely to cause hypothermia. Having a moderate love of plants I was scrolling through some interesting varieties on Etsy and EBay. I had gotten some old varieties there December of 1998. I didn’t immediately find what I was looking for (a small leafed Hoya) but did find an interesting Hoya. Hoya Curtissi, or Hoya Stripes.


    it arrived yesterday none the worse for wear considering it traveled from Florida via post.
    Since i needed a pot and soil I headed out to check out the thrift stores for a pot and garden center for soil. Scored 5 nice new pots (might seem excessive but we have another plants person in the household that is as plant crazy as me if not more so:eek:)

    Still needed soil so off to the garden center next. There they had velvet plants I had bought online last year (haven’t seen them in forever in stores). They also had the big leafed begonias. Only see them occasionally in the summer sold as annuals never as houseplants. One more never seen peperomia was spotted, a great hanging specimen “ruby cascade” at the garden center.


    I picked it up and brought it home Yes, this peperomia is touted as rare on Etsy and EBay. Guess all those online carts with these plants in them make the growers give them a try. Do growers watch online sales from these market places. From my observations I’d say a resounding “yes”. Wouldn’t be surprised to see my little Striped Hoya in the stores next year. The small leafed variety I was really looking for I will wait a year to see if a nice big specimen shows up locally in the stores. I have never seen it sold commercially (original plant was a cutting from a friend) but I saw it online. It was an easy grower so I am anticipating it’s availability :D
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