Jesse Stone's Red House

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    As a fan of the Jesse Stone series, recently repeated again on C5. I was interested enough to watch this short video of "Jesse Stone's Red House."
    It's featured in pretty much every episode.

    In the story, he becomes the Chief of Police of the town "Paradise" in Massachusetts after being fired for being drunk as a homicide detective in Los Angeles. He gets the job as the corrupt president of the town's board of governors, thinks he'll be easy to control.

    He can't afford much but an estate agent finds him this house that no one wants.

    The house is actually in Nova Scotia over 500 miles away. The fiming of the series is skillfully done to make it look more isolated than it really is.

    The music is from the programme.

    If you've not watched this series, the comments below the video will tell you what you've missed.
    The series comes from the nine books written by Robert B Parker.

    A hard-nosed cop, but with a softer side.

    Jesse had three dogs in the series, Boomer and after he died Reggie, who he "adopted " after he found him sitting guarding the body of his owner who had been shot.
    Reggie was "played by "Joe." The final one was "Steve."

    Lots more clips on YouTube.
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    I've not heard of this series DHR. Neat Canadian connection there. I'm scheming for winter watching and making sure everything is lined up and available. I'll check this series out. :)
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    I've watched this series and really enjoyed it.:) I've not seen the YouTube video though.
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