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    I put these in seven years ago. I bought the heads on eBay for a few quid and bought the Speed-fit pipe and connections from a plumbers wholesaler. They are controlled by a valve I kept which was part of the our previous central heating system and I had some sand and cement in the garage to remake the path. So total cost about £50. The scars from the wedges of turf I removed to lay the pipes, disappeared in a couple of weeks. Being plastic pipe, it's not affected by frost. It took less than half a day to install.

    The borders can be watered by my leaky hose system which has a dedicated water supply, I can water all, any one, or any combination of two, of the three sections, as there's two Hozelock control valves, either side of the rockery.
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    One way of keeping the lawn well watered in bad heat :like:
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