Love is in the air, if you are a woodpecker.

Discussion in 'Wildlife in the Garden' started by Jerry Sullivan, Mar 10, 2013.

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    Despite a foot of snow on the ground the male woodpeckers are busy testing dead branches trying to locate the best 'sounding board'. The males with the best sounds are thought to make the best mate. On occasion however, the side of a house or barn produces a desirable resonance and soon the area looks like swiss cheese. A few years ago one particular board on the side of our house was the choice of the week. It did not take long for many holes to appear. A few extra nails cured the serenading woodpeckers and they moved on to better sounding wood. On a nice day step outside and listen, the machine gun tapping just may attract just the right lady woodpecker and lead to more woodpeckers at your suet feeder. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. :)

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    Yup Jerry we to have woodpeckers starting to think spring and look for a mate. Also the cardinals are starting to sit in the trees and stake out their territory. I am so ready for spring. Tomorrow we will have about 2-4 more inches of new snow on the ground. :-x

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