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    We've all known what a Swiss Army Knife can do. Variants of which can today be found in just about every home anywhere in the world, with keychain size replicas too now.


    However in the last decade and a half, there is a new and very popular trend on the rise. About not just something handy for occasional camping and basic survival - But for serious repair work in an emergency, enabling us to quickly get out of a jam.

    Of course, even the best of these are actually bas***dized tools, thus inherently compromised to some degree. As they need to be squeezed into a small package. So they will never be able to match the performance of a fully dedicated tool for it's specific job. But as a budget option for having something on yourself which can accomplish lots of tasks without taking too much space - These have proven to be invaluable today. Even though all security personnel loathe them upon sight, (specially at airports). Because in the wrong hands, these can become a very serious threat too.

    Which is why I'm starting this thread over here. To make everyone aware. And dispell all the negative hearsay about them. As I feel we up till now had been neglecting these unbelievably useful tools.


    Swiss Army Knife is of course the original inspiration for all of these. But now they have branched off into their own category of multi-tools. Yes there are some badly designed and cheaply made knockoff ones out there too. However there are also some which are designed with survival in extreme circumstances in mind, and have indeed saved many lives over the years. Even through majority of the people who buy these are weekend hobbiests. Who grew up watching MacGyver on TV in childhood - Yes, I'm Generation X, (at the tail end of it anyway), thus a kid of the 80s also. So how could I now not mention MacGyver over here?


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