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Discussion in 'Garden Design' started by cherylad, Sep 27, 2013.

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    Cheryl: I don't know what would work in your case. In our trailer, the strings were strung about 1" apart parallel the length of the trailer. I know it was labor intensive because it was my job as a teenager to make a new canvas top for the trailer & re-string it too. Anyway, I don't know how close together the strings would need to be for your greenhouse. Hopefully not 1" apart!

    jb123 asks a good question: are you going to hold the sheeting to the frame, and how so? If the frame were wood, you could sandwich it between pieces of wood, top & bottom & nail.
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    It's a 10 x 30 ft clear vinyl tarp with grommets. I ordered the little bungee cord thingys to attach it to the back and ends of the frame.
    It can't be a permanent structure... would be in the way too much.
    I'm just needing a place to tuck in container plants to keep them from getting frost-bite.

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