My devious husband

Discussion in 'Pets' started by marlingardener, Oct 16, 2018.

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    This morning was wet, cold, and windy. My considerate, kind, and slightly sneaky husband told me to stay inside and he'd take care of feeding and checking on the hens. He also said that with the rain, the cats needed to come into the kitchen to eat.
    All three cats showed up and came into the barricaded kitchen (we love cats, but we also know what they can do). They ate, and then proceeded to create havoc. I picked Timi off the countertop where she was perched, and when I turned around, Cali was eye-to-eye with me while she sat on the island. I removed her, and sternly scolded Cali and Timi for being "naughty cats". They didn't care.
    Meanwhile, Buddy sat on my foot, expecting to be picked up, cuddled, and cooed over. His expectations were met.
    Timi was back on the countertop, so she was removed. Cali was thinking of making a leap to the counter, but a stern "NO!" deterred her momentarily. Meanwhile, Timi was back up and looking out the window.
    I decided since "NO!" wasn't working, I'd go to plan B, which is bribery. That worked for about three minutes until the treats were consumed and all three cats went back to doing what they wanted.
    When my husband came in and I told him about the proceedings, he wasn't sympathetic. He thought it was funny! I have the feeling that this was his way of telling me these were not going to be inside cats. He knew they were outside cats, but I'm a pushover for fur, and may have relented at the first sign of frost (they have an insulated, padded shelter on the patio). He is devious, but his plan sure worked!
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    So your hubby had you on the run around @marlingardener just to prove a point :shrug:….mind you they're 3 lucky cats to have an (insulated, padded shelter) they'll be fine mate as their body heat against one another will keep them warm.
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