Needing info on a White Dogwood Tree in zone9A

Discussion in 'Trees, Shrubs and Roses' started by cherylad, Jun 10, 2012.

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    S. Liberty County - Texas (8B)
    My brother planted this tree in his yard and it wasn't doing well. so he dug it up and brought it to me.
    White Dogwood ( photo / image / picture from cherylad's Garden )
    I've done a little research and from what I gather it likes it a bit on the shady side and moist.
    Shade I can provide for it but keeping it moist will be a problem because of our hot, dry, drought ridden summer. And the best place to plant it will not be in easy-water-hose-range.
    Plus there's that fact that it's the absolute wrong time of year to plant a tree.
    So.... do I just keep it in this pot until Fall?
    Or do I go ahead and put it in the ground? Any information at all about this tree and how to tend to it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Cheryl, It definitely is the wrong time of the year to transplant a dogwood, but as it isn't doing well already, is your brother expecting you to pull off a miracle? Otherwise I say plant it where you want it and set a bucket with a small hole in the bottom so it can drip drip drip to the roots and see how it does. I think dogwoods are fickle as it is. If it grows it grows. I have one and pretty soon it is going to be fire wood. It is in a semi shady area with a moist root zone and it looks terrible. It seems to have a blight and is struggling now.

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