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Discussion in 'Garden Junk' started by toni, Oct 17, 2006.

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    Mmm, that sink will be fabulous outside!!! I love copper anything! Funny you have it on a butcher's block- I had one with a ruined top that I gave my mom. She whipped the top off, dropped in a sink, fiddled a little here and there, and viola! A potting sink! (now I want it back, lol!)
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    The sink was at the bottom of a really large box of newly arrived stuff. I was digging thru trying to reach a set of small shutters when Randy saw it glistening and grabbed it.

    I have seen pictures of potting sinks made from old dressers, baby changing tables and other old tables and they turned out great.
    The chopping block table is one that my Dad gave Mom for christmas 30 years ago. He left it in my apartment until Christmas eve, kinda hard to wrap and hide it at their house. I had taken the week before Christmas off so Lisa and I could make holiday cookies as gifts, I came out of the kitchen forgetting it was there, walked right into it and broke my toe.

    When Mom moved last year, she didn't have room for it anymore so I inherited it.

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