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Discussion in 'Site News' started by Frank, Oct 11, 2005.

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    Hey folks,

    Well I have been busy recently redesigning the site and adding new features and now I am very proud to announce them :smt026

    First up you will notice that the design of the site has changed quite considerably. The drop down menus at the top are more prominent and the site style have been improved. I'm dying to hear what you guys think of the new design, so please make comments - positive or negative. Also "Pic of the Month" is back on the home page, where the best photo of the previous month is displayed. So now you have an extra incentive to post images ;)

    Secondly is the new HUGE feature I have been hinting about for a while now, the Blogs !! Every member can start their own blog that is hosted within itself. Now you can have your own personal space on GardenStew, sort of like your own free website but without the hassle. And best of all it's free! For more details click here What is a Blog? and 101 things to do with a Blog. All blogs can be viewed by clicking the "Blogs" link at the very top of the page. Or simply click here.

    If you have comments, suggestions, technical problems, queries, then please tell me about them and I will be very happy to address them.

    Lastly I'd like to say that I hope you all enjoy the new design and especially the new blog feature. It has taken a while to develop it so I would be very grateful if you all would give it a try and we will get the blogs of to a flying start!


    Your friendly webmaster - Frank :smt023
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