New Scams Of 2024!

Discussion in 'The Village Square' started by S-H, Mar 13, 2024.

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    Have a friend who got scammed a while back, and the trickster got away with it too... So I think I now owe it to everyone else I know everywhere, (including you all fine people over here) - To make everyone aware of some of the most common tricks scammers try these days.

    Therefore please be aware, stay informed, and never ever become a victim of such evil people...

    This nine and a half minute long video below will explain sone of it in detail.

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    These scams are terrible. I refuse to answer my cellphone unless it comes from a number in my contacts list. They can always leave a voice mail so I can screen the call.

    Texts are bad too. I never respond to any text that isnt in my contacts list. I delete and block them. Often, there is a real-looking text from Amazon or the postal service. I delete, block, and report as spam.

    I have given money to some voting campaigns. The spam was so bad - often multiple calls and texts every day. I wont say which party or candidate, I think they all do that. It took years to get them to stop.
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    You can report scam calls to Federal Trade Commission (U.S. only) at or to your local law enforcement agency. I will answer the calls and thread that I will report them that usually stops the annoying calls.
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    Amazon, Paypal et al have dedicated response addresses for phishing emails.
    In Britain you may report fraud to
    Phishing emails may be forwarded to
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