Norfolk Island Pine??

Discussion in 'Houseplants' started by iwetmyplants, May 14, 2018.

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    Newbie here [​IMG] I'm also in love with plants and gardens but just really starting to learn how to truly care and understand them.

    So, I was given a plant that I have been researching to figure out what type it is. Closest I've figured out so far is a Norfolk Island Pine? I'm worried about it as it's trunk area is brown and sharp at the bottom and beautifully green at the top, been like this since I picked up about a month ago. They've been wanting me to take it for almost a year now. When I first saw it, it had long branches all the way to the bottom. I'm in Adrian, Michigan.. before it came to me it was in the office of a metal distributor (Lansing, MI) I get supplies from. They had (Charlie) near a window and they told me they knew nothing about it other then (Charlie) liked coffee water? I'm really hoping there is something I can do to bring this plant back. I fell in love with it when I saw it...Right now I have it near a big window, seems to be enjoying the sun, once it gets dry enough I water it to the point the soil is moist again. I'm also worried that the pot maybe to small.

    I'm not even sure if I'm in the right direction as to what type of plant this is, any info would be appreciated.

    I'd also be happy to take more photos if need be.

    ( photo / image / picture from iwetmyplants's Garden )

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    More sun and less water....not just near a bright window but sunlight. In south Florida they grow outside, my parents had a couple years ago when they lived there so full sun will be a good thing.
    Do you live in a cold climate? The can not take cold temps below 35 F or 1 C
    and when they are inside do not put them where they get a cold draft from opening doors, windows or air conditioning.
    I don't think Charlie liked the coffee water as much as they thought he did....if everyone was pouring it on him so they could refill their cup with hot, fresh coffee, he was drowning more than enjoying.
    If the pot is small enough to be hidden from view by that one frond, then yep the pot is too small.
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    Ditto what Toni said ! No more coffee,, !

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