Nothing much here...(Ice Storm Jan. 12th damages)

Discussion in 'The Village Square' started by AAnightowl, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Sasha's new doghouse.JPG I have been trying to clean up the huge mess from the ice storm we had January 12th.

    I woke up to my DS pounding on my bedroom door to see if I was alright, and did I hear that huge crash on the house? I was fine, and no I had not actually heard any crash. I did however dream something about a crash moments before.

    A huge mimosa tree next to our house crashed down about 6:45-ish here onto the house. We are fine, and the house seems fine. Part of the tree landed on my bedroom right over my head. I am very thankful to God that it did not go through the roof, or land on me! Also, it did not land on my kids, or pets. It is still there as we are waiting for a friend to be able to come over and help get it off of my house. DS thinks it weighs around 800-900 lbs. I would have guessed much more. It is making a lot of firewood.

    Another neighbor came the next day with her chainsaw, and we got a lot of wood/debris cut up, and stacked. God bless good neighbors too. :)

    There are a lot of huge limbs down, and all kinds of branches. I got some burned, but have lots more to do. I was outdoors taking care of my pets, and a number heavy limbs came down moments after I had walked by that spot. I also saw one huge limb come down next to where my power lines come into the house, but they bent backwards toward the tree, and missed both my house and the power lines.

    One dog house was tumbled over, and another one had her shade tree come down, and up-end her dog house. I had to move that one; and I need to replace the tumbled doghouse too. It took 2-3 days to get enough debris cleaned up so my dogs could use their doghouses again.

    I cannot really get at garden chores until I get most of the debris cleaned up.

    In December, I noticed one of my doghouses was rotting off at the bottom, so I spent Christmas day making her a new doghouse. DS helped some with the heavier parts of the job, and I enjoyed playing with my tools. Sasha loves her new dog house.

    The weather has been down around zero sometimes, and then up in the 70s this winter, so I have a bit of a cold. We have had lots of rain, but not much snow so far.

    My bulbs are all up, and the grass is greening, and the temps dipped down near 10' F last night, and for the next few nights.

    I hope all of you are well.
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    Gosh you were sooo lucky!! Thankfully the damage you suffered can all be dealt with and no one was hurt. I think someone is looking out for you and keeping you safe.
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    Hello @AAnightowl firstly I hope you get better from your cold as they're a nightmare to move at times :mad:

    Sorry to hear about the tree coming down and omg you was very lucky besides your home :( as that's some weight and it's nice to hear your Sasha loves her new home.

    Wishing you the very best in health and sorting things out :)
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