Our weekend getaway

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    We escaped for the weekend!

    We've both been working way too hard, and it's not going to get any better for a while. Between Ron's daughter's wedding, the renovations on the Master bedroom/bathroom, the kitchen design and planning, and the evolution of me moving in there, our schedule's going to be really tight for the next several months. Amazingly, we found we had this one weekend totally free, and so I jumped on it and found out a sweet little cabin on the water out in the middle of nowhere ... our favorite kind of getaway!

    We went kayaking on the Buffalo river, pulling in at one point to relax, nibble on some crackers and cheese, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the environment
    56541984_10161798924070387_4944444682768744448_n.jpg 56716089_10161798924140387_4833829586766659584_n.jpg

    We startled some turtles who were sunning themselves!!

    The scenery was gorgeous, and we cooked our dinner over the fire pit!
    56371114_10161791989345387_317232022558867456_n.jpg 56907742_10161798849830387_6474198985769746432_n.jpg 56337161_10161798850110387_4104968860631826432_n.jpg 56591982_10161798860350387_6465395513993723904_n.jpg

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