Pepper seed germinating time?????/

Discussion in 'Seed Starting / Propagation' started by bsewnsew, Feb 12, 2008.

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    May 19, 2006
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    I have grown peppers hot and sweet every year.I love to grow them and eat sweet peppers but not hot.I grow them and give them away.I always love to see them drying and hanging in the kitchen.
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    Well Glendann ,
    Dont be bashful and do tell me how and what kind you dry an put up?/
    Sjoerd did .........
    I am intrested..
    I dont like hot ones either, but how do them make the hot pepper we buy??

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    Nov 26, 2007
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    Casper, Wyoming
    Just planted 8 differant varieties of peppers yesterday (fryers, hots and bells), covered seed with 1/4 inch unmoistened starting medium, then "watered" it in. Preheated the tray containing soil-filled cells a few days to help give seeds a little boost, put tray back on heat mat and covered it loosely with a dome top.
    Grow 16 plants, per year, in Earthboxs, 8 plants to a box. Sounds crowded, but talk about harvests! Peppers get froze, dried, canned, eaten and excess given away to anyone who'll take them. Most drying is done in a dehydrator, but have "strung" jalapeno's, cayennes, serranos, and little Thai hots with great success since learning a trick with them: before stringing to hang, I use a large needle to punch holes up and down the peppers, all the way around. Found this lets the gases escape in the drying process, lessens the chance of internal seed rot that may occur in humid climates, ruin the beautiful "ristras". I do the same thing with peppers I want to save seed from for next year, have yet to have a drying failure.
    Do note, tho', that when handling any hot pepper, it's advisable to wear gloves because of the volatile oils in them that can actually burn the skin and doesn't wash off easy! I can readily speak from experience there after a few bad times with them, believe me! Good pepper growin'!!

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