Pet "Friendly" restaurants?

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    I'm 100% that I'd rather have a well trained dog sitting at the owners feet than a wailing, screaming, tantruming child throwing food all over the place.
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    i see this all the time, not just in restaurants. the first time a child misbehaves in public is the time to deal with it. not allow them to stay and continue. We took our 4 children out to eat regularly when they were all little. NEVER did I ever have to leave a store or a restaurant due to their behavior. we left because we were finished eating our food. never left a mess never had a temper tantrum anywhere. the first time was dealt with immediately. no discussion no negotiations. that isn't how it works. too many times I see parents negotiating with their child. ?if you... then I will...." no way! and we always left a tip if it was a sitdown restaurant.

    we actually went somewhere not long ago and as we got to the table I said... umm, not here. I didn't want to sit next to children while eating dinner.
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