Pine, Sequoia and Firs

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    Benghazi, LIBYA
    I was fond of Sequia Giganta (and Sequoia Sempervirens) since I was 11 years old! I used to gaze ate the Children Encyclopedia (Volume 6 The Green Kingdom - for those who share the same enthusiasm to this great publication) and get transfixed by the greatness of the Red Giant.
    Now after these years I still hold the passion for those trees and I dream to grow one here in Benghazi, Libya.

    I ordered the seeds of the Sequoia in addition to other seeds and started to grow them hoping one day I can see the giant tree in my land.

    Here is how I treated the seeds:
    1- I filled coffee cups with beat-moss and placed the seeds on top>
    2- Put the cups with the seeds in a plastic container and covered them then put them in the fridge (4 Degrees C) for about 4 weeks.
    3- I took them and placed the whole lot in a beigger container and put them out sides.
    4- After two weeks I began to see green.

    The photos attached are for :
    - Himalayan Pine.
    - Sequoia Sempervirens
    - Sequia Giganta
    - Doglas Fir.

    Pray for my little ones to survive.


    Pines01.jpg Pines02.jpg Pines03.jpg Pines04.jpg Pines05.jpg Pines06.jpg
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