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Discussion in 'Plant ID' started by Frank, Jun 26, 2006.

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    The Plant ID forum is a great place to identify mystery plants in your garden. The GardenStew members are a clever bunch and we will do our best to ID your anonymous settlers.

    However to ensure the greatest possible chance that members and visitors will see your request and be able to help you we ask that you follow these rules:

    Plant ID forum rules:

    1/ All topics must have a descriptive title. For example titles like the following are not helpful.

    However titles like the following example are helpful:
    Try to squeeze as much descriptive information into the title as possible. Doing this will maximise your chances of getting your plant identified. Please try to do this.

    2/ Try at all times to include a photo of your mystery plant. The old saying "A picture paints a thousand words" is very true in the Plant ID forum. This will vastly increase the chances that your plant will be identified.

    3/ If you post many plant photos in the same topic please number them so that members can refer to a specific plant when IDing it.

    4/ Not a rule but if you get your plant identified we ask that you spread the word about the Plant ID forum at You can do this in the form of a link to the forum, telling your online gardening buddies about us or simply shouting from the roof of your house in the hope that your neighbours may hear you and log on to the site. Ok the last one may be a 'bit' extreme but you get the idea :D


    Thanks for reading and happy mystery plant solving!
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