Pond Basics by Peter Robinson - A very helpful book

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    Pond Basics by Peter Robinson.

    Bounty Books.

    Published by Hamlyn.

    Hardback copy £12.99p

    Do you have the minimum of expertise when it comes to introducing water into your garden? Well this book is a must for you!! It is a very practical, safe and easy guide on how to bring water into your garden.

    It covers the pitfalls you may come across and how to overcome them to achieve both satisfaction and success. It takes you through the design and planning stages, excavation and installayion and then helps you choose plants which will attract wildlife to inhabit you new water feature. There is even a troubleshooting section highlighting the most often encountered problems with ponds. It offers practical strategies for solving these problems successfully.

    Water gardening is now within everyone's reach as there are a wide variety of materials, accessories and plants available and this book helps you know exactly what to do with them to make your chosen water feature both easy to construct and interesting when completed.

    Peter Robinson's book is beautifully illustrated throughout, by Damien Rochford, and is a must for the keen amateur.

    I would recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of introducing water to their outdoor space. Read it before you start and you should have no problems when creating that special water feature you've always dreamt of. :D
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    Thanks for the suggestion Eileen, it sounds like a comprehensive read :p

    BTW I have to find some time to add all your suggestions to the Bookstore. They are great!

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