Potting soil and how much water

Discussion in 'Houseplants' started by Edlou8181, Mar 8, 2018.

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    Friends I posted some of this and Frank told me to post this in the right forum.
    So I hope this is the right place.
    First thing is what is the better potting soil as I use one brand (No names) and there is to much sticks pebbles and junk.
    I have flower pots with old soil and a little bit of bagged soil and was thinking of using but I think the plants need a chance to grow strong.
    The Grocery store and many of the box stores sell soil but I don't know what to buy.
    And now to a bigger problem and that is how much to water plants.
    I have 2 moisture meters and I don't believe them.
    The 2 NEW flowers I bought the other day are just coming back as I think I drowned them.
    Eventually the house plants will come out of the bedroom and go outside where most of you know I get direct sun from noon till sunset.
    I hope I explained the problems here and the Parakeets are in the bedroom as I put out the birdbath and I NEVER saw those two racing to the bird bath.
    Sleep warm.
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    Ed, it's always best to post question in one of the forums then more people will see and respond.
    I use Miracle-Gro Potting Mix. It is made for indoor and outdoor pots and works great for me.

    When it comes to knowing when and how much to water, stick you first finger into the soil until you feel moisture. If the soil is dry deeper than the second knuckle of your finger then it is time to water, if it is wet closer to the surface then hold off on the water.
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    Depending on what type of houseplants you have: fern/African violet/orchid, cactus or regular tropical I'd go to the local plant nursery and ask for a bag of fern mix or African violet mix or cactus mix or just regular houseplant soil and then repot your plants into the next size up pot.

    As for watering that again depends on what type of plant you have as some definitely take lots more water than others. I usually water (plant depending) when I stick my finger into the top couple of inches of soil and it is dry or if the plants look slightly wilted - BUT - that depends if you're talking fern vs cactus or succulent which like way drier soil.

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