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    Hello everyone,

    I have a problem area of my front yard of a new house.... I am wondering if anyone can help me as this area is fairly complexed and I’ve almost given up hope for it completely.

    I would like to make it more of a garden but I’m stuck as to what to plant. Information:

    - I live in Vancouver BC.
    - The ground is clay. But, I’ve had luck with putting some compost into the areas before planting.
    - The area is Shaded by maple trees.
    - It’s a completely Sloped ground.
    - Would like to avoid annuals. So that I can get it done and not have to keep replanting each year.
    - Drought tolerant would be good - it’s a harder to water area.

    I currently have hostas which are doing well. A neighbour gave me a bunch from her garden and I split them and put them down.

    We have ivy and some vines. Also lots of vinca all over the property popping up, bamboo, and bugle weed. I am trying to control the ivy to only a certain area. Pulling out the vines are they’re strangling my other plants. There is a small patch of morning sun area that’s sunny for about 4 hours in the morning and the rest of the day it’s dappled shade from the maples above.
    - I’ve cut back the maple tree canopy to allow more light.

    Thank you so much for reading this! I look forward to some suggestions as I’m completely stumped. Thanks again!


    Oh ps some things I’ve considered:

    Japanese spurge
    Japanese anemones
    Foam flower
    Lung wort
    Ladies mantle

    Would like to have flowers if possible too... I know I’m probably asking for too much :(

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    Since you have so many rocks,, why not use them as a design element ! Could even stack a few then treat them as above for a unique look. It needs the shade . I have no idea about flowering plants for your area but most nurseries do. They should be able to tell you what would do well for your soil. Only thing I might add is to plant in small groupings,,has more visual interest that way !

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