Propagating from a Beautiful Bouquet of Cut Flowers?

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    That is so helpful - thank you! I also have a few pieces of the fern in water and I swear I see tiny clear hairs coming from one of them - I hope that is a sign of possible rooting!

    Thanks so much for all the tips and confidence building! I am so grateful. I would love to leave my story here to hopefully be helpful to someone else who wishes to try!

    I've heard of a few people successfully doing this but I have not been successful in previous attempts! I do have a blog and will try to snap some pictures tomorrow in the daylight and chronicle this adventure and see if it works out! A YouTube video is a great plan also.

    I love your suggestion to track and share the results, and try again if it doesn't work out! We have a Produce Junction not too far that always has amazing deals on cut flower bouquets. I am going to research some and now you have me determined to keep trying this until I'm successful - thank you so much! <3
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    You know what they say... If at first you don't succeed - Try try try again!

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    You can start cutting roses in the garden from the beginning of July. From the bush you like, cut off the semi-woody, recently faded shoots with a pruner. Make oblique cuts, directly above the kidney, facing the outer part of the crown. The green, soft upper part of the shoots can be cut off and thrown away, it will not be useful for rooting. Cut the cuttings from the lower and middle part of the shoot. Cut the leaves in half, this will reduce the evaporation of moisture during rooting. Plant the cuttings to a depth of 2.5-3 cm with an interval of 5 cm in a container. You can read more about them on
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