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Discussion in 'Suggestions / Comments / Help' started by Henry Johnson, Apr 30, 2012.

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    I have a question about Private Messages; can you delete one after you have clicked the SEND button?
    You can do this with/on/to posts in the Forums as everyone probably knows, but I wanted to delete a PM that I had sent and could not find a way to delete (or do anything to it) after once hitting that SEND button.. Correction, you can move it (actually, just your copy of it) around between 'SENT BOX' or 'SAVE BOX'..
    As I think about this, I realize that the answer is going to be 'NO'; because it is gone, gone, gone out into cyber-space..
    So, the lesson to me is, be sure you want to send it and have it worded to say what you want to say BEFORE you click the SEND button..
    I probably shouldn't make this post, but since I am embarrassingly aware that I don't know everything, I'll post it...
    Love to all, Hank.
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    You've already guessed the answer to your question Hank but I'm glad you asked the question. I'm sure there are others who were wondering the same thing. Once you hit the send button you can't delete a PM. Only once it arrives in your sent box (which means it has already been ready by the person you sent it to) can you then delete it.

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