Rehbar 1 Rocket - A Journey Into Space (exactly 59 years ago today).

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    On 7th June 1962, today, Pakistan was the first country in the developing world to launch a rocket. Far ahead of anyone else in the region.

    Team that launched these rockets was led by Dr. Tariq Mustafa, who selected 4 more people. This legendary 5 member team comprised of young men who were all under 29 years of age at the time... Just boys, who changed history, and gave Pakistan an incredible headstart via SUPARCO, (Pakistan's Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission).

    Every citizen should know their heroes, but unfortunately, we forget them easily with the passage of time... However, now their historic achievements are immortalized in this film - A documentary which will tell all, and celebrate the real heroes who made it all possible.

    Watch the promotion below.

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