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Discussion in 'Suggestions / Comments / Help' started by Primsong, Apr 15, 2006.

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    Apr 15, 2006
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    Hi - I just signed on here after lurking a bit and was wandering along through the members list to see where some of the other folks are from. I noticed you have some "spam registrations" in there that you may want to delete.

    I've had trouble with these at a site I admin, where they sign on and sometimes toss in a couple random posts then disappear, leaving a profile with a website link to a porn/gambling/business site. The purpose is to make search engines rank them higher by having a higher number of 'mentions' of their website online. Sometimes they try to put it in their signature as well.

    I would recommend you just scan along them and see what the websites the profiles point to are - I think you'll find them pretty quick.

    Lovely site here, btw! I know I don't have much time to be posting myself, but I have enjoyed your presence here.
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    Hi Primsong. Yes in the past few months I'm sure I have let a few spam registrations fly past my radar (which nowadays is on red alert). It was just a matter of finding time to go back and remove them so thanks for the reminder! :smt023 Being an admin I'm sure you realise how annoying they can be :x

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