Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) seed germination

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    Here in our side of the world we love to drink a cold cup of Carcade (A drink made from Roselle dried flowers). People here believe that it lowers blood pressure and is used as a diuretic. For me I drink it for pleasure and I cannot resist a steamy cold cup of Carcade.

    The added benefit to buying the dried flower to make the drink is one can find free seeds insides the flower buds.

    They are incredibly easy to germinate. I took some and put them in a paper tissue, added few drops of water and put them in a plastic box. After only three days they started to germinate.

    Roselle_2,_Hibiscus_sabdariffa,_2014.JPG Roselle  Seeds Germanated in 3 days.JPG

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