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    Every gardener and those who are just "garden managers" like myself, needs a shed.

    This is mine, I built nearly fifty years ago, originally for our daughter's collection of rabbits and guinea pigs. I made it entirely out of reclaimed materials. It actually is three-sided, as the back wall is the end wall of the garage. It's up on brick piers so the base doesn't rot. it's 7' 6" square. Still in perfect condition, though I did re-felt the roof a few years ago. It's very strong, no problem supporting my weight when I'm pruning branches of next door's trees when they start overhanging it.

    On the front, there's a porch light controlled by one of the switches behind our lounge curtains, a PIR security light, my trailcam and a hose reel.
    The two batons either side of the window have big hooks in them to support my Norland dart board cabinet, stored under a bench in the shed, for, "occasional use."

    I had a bit of a tidy up today in the hope I'd be able to chuck out something I didn't need. But no luck.

    The back wall houses tools, a small vacuum cleaner, a G-tec sweeper for shed and tea-house use, (I like to keep them tidy), a strimmer and my garden vac. On hooks in the ceiling is my telescopic pruner and two watering cans.
    There's a shelf over the tools for the box of my scarifier and insulation for my jukeboxes in the winter. Behind the box is the consumer unit that controls the electrics for the shed and the tea-house.
    To the left a bench, with a cupboard at the end and two shelves. Under the bench is my wet n'dry vac, a Karcher jet wash and a full size incinerator.

    More tools and the scarifier to the right and my Flymo at the end of another bench. Plus a couple of spare jet wash lances.

    More shelves above the end of the bench and one under the window in case I want to "bring something on."
    Spare pots and compost under the bench. Small pots at the end of it and canes for plants under the window shelf.

    More tools on the wall over the bench on the other side.
    Two sockets, for mowing etc., plus a third for the adapter of the trailcam. I like all exposed cables to be in conduit for safety.

    These two shallow drawer filing cabinets used to be in my office when I was working, but I "retired" them when I gave up work.
    They are ideal for all sorts of odds and ends. The drawers which are missing are under my bench in the garage and used for conventional tools and various screws. Spare sand and cement in bags under the bench.

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