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    Signature Rules
    You can edit your signature here. We ask that you please follow these rules when adding a signature:

    1/ Signature size:
    The maximum height of your signature should be no more than 100 pixels high. If including images in your signature the maximum combined size of the images should be no more than 300 pixels wide x 80 pixels high. If signature is text only then keep it to 4 lines or less of regular text size. No tiny or huge text.

    Here is a graphic to illustrate the maximum size of a signature:


    2/ Links in signature:
    2 unique links per signature only. Only useful links i.e. no under-construction sites, spam services etc.. No signature links to Warez, porn, hate sites, or other questionable content. Absolutely no affiliate links in signatures.

    3/ Images in signature:
    No excessive animated signatures. No flashing images. Think about visitors on dialup and keep the combined file size of images to less than 50KB.

    4/ Signature language:
    No sensationalist language in your signature i.e. CLICK HERE!!!.

    5/ Earning your signature:
    We impose a 20 post entry requirement on signatures to reward participation and to stamp out spamming i.e. making one post just to get your link listed. If however you take it a step further and post low quality posts just to get your link listed then your signature will be removed.


    If unsure about any of the above rules then start a Conversation with the administrator or moderators for assistance before continuing.

    Thanks for following our signature rules!
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    I have just now found and read the rules. I'm sorry if my PooBear picture is too large. I wanted to make the snowed in person feel better.

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