Some 6x8 Harbor Freight greenhouse upgrades.

Discussion in 'Garden Design' started by dewey, Jan 25, 2013.

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    If there is an entry level greenhouse on your wish list, you may want to take a look at this tutorial for upgrading the bargain priced 6x8 HFGH.

    The major drawbacks identified by other owners of this unit include:

    1)Premature polycarbonate panel failure potentially due to poor UV protection.
    2) Lack of headroom.
    3) Flimsy aluminum components.
    4) Pool sliding-type door design.

    I attempted to address all four of these problems areas when building my HF greenhouse.

    1) All polycarbonate panels are covered with greenhouse grade, 6 mil, UV resistant film.
    2) The roof is raised nearly a foot by building the unit on 2x12's mounted on edge.
    3) The 2x4 structure for my benches and shelving is designed to stabilize the aluminum framework.
    4) The door is mounted using hinges rather than the original slider mechanism.

    The compete tutorial can be viewed here:
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    HF greenhouse ( photo / image / picture from dewey's Garden )
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    This is way to small for a seriously interested grower or home gardener. I know I would have been totally disappointed if I had the opportunity to get a house of this size and find it way too small for actually growing anything. Starting out small is a good idea, but you can choose too small of a structure to start with. In my opinion, this is a gimmick by a manufacturer to sell something. You can keep a few plants in here, but not grow anything in it.
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    It may be just the thing for a small garden but I prefer the traditional greenhouse with glass panels as it's more sturdy. The one in your picture wouldn't stand up to the weather conditions we experience here in Scotland.

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