Squirrels and Birds

Discussion in 'Wildlife in the Garden' started by azw1879, Apr 11, 2006.

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    Although I find the grey squirrels fascinating to watch and quite amusing :D , they (or is it just one ? :? ), insist in rolling about the soil around my central azalea, which is in a container, and also digging holes in the soil, leaving piles of compost lying all round the base on the grass :( . However, now that the azalea has grown more and not too much of the surface compost is removed, it is easy enough to top it up :).

    Regarding birds. With a bird bath and feeders placed in the garden, I never thought I would have found them as interesting to watch as I do :eek: . Usually when I'm having a rest, sitting in the patio or on the stairs, with a drink (tea of course ;)) I tend to see them gathering around the fence waiting for the opportunity to eat or drink while I'm out of the way. It reminds me of being in primary school :) , when I joined the ornithology class, which was quite informative, with me being so young I enjoyed finding out more. The only disadavantage being it was the headmistress who was in charge of this class :eek:

    A couple of times I meant to join the RSPB, but I never seem to get around to it :rolleyes: . Recently obtained a copy of their Supporters' catalogue. So, hopefully will order something soon.

    C.J. ;)
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    Ian and I are joint members of the RSPB CJ and it's certainly worth the money. We can go to any of the reserves around Britain as many times as we like and entry is FREE. The subscription soon pays for itself if you're a keen birder or simply want to have a walk around the reserves. I love bird watching and we recently puchased a high powered telescope and attachments so that we can take photographs with it.

    I'm afraid I'm not keen on grey squirrels though (reds are entirely different and need our protection) as they do a lot of damage in a garden, carry a disease that kills our reds and steal bird eggs and young from the nests. They may look cute but, to be honest, I see them more as rats with fluffy tails.

    Hope you get around to getting your RSPB membership and thoroughly enjoy your birdwatching. :D

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