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    Here we are blanching the first half od Swiss Chard to freeze in. This oval strainer, I guess you’d call it is just the thing for al our canning tasks during the season. It is handy to just dump the boiling whatever into this instead of dipping it out a bit at the time.

    So, I chuck the blanched veg into the strainer and then dunk it into a waiting container of cold water. Once it is cold I dump it back into the strainer to let it drip out before freezer bagging it.
    She’s happy, I’m happy. Bring it on, Mother Nature !
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    Gosh Sojerd, that is a great strainer! I have a round one with little "ears" that fit over my smaller sink edge, and I use it as you do, first to drain the hot water, then again to drain the cold. It also comes in handy for straining pasta. A shake or two, and the contents are ready to freeze or use.
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