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Discussion in 'The Village Square' started by Ronni, Feb 17, 2018.

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    Please excuse the profanity, which I've modified so as not to offend. But this was just too important an article and distinction (at least to me) to not share. I deal in facts. I deal in truth. I always have. I make sure to label my opinions as such, when I state them. This article has revealed, finally, the reason for my own ineptness in discussion with certain people.

    This quote, below is amazing to me. It's amazing because it does the best job I've ever seen articulating the difference between truth, lies, and bull**** The difference between truth and lies is obvious, the difference between lies and bull**** not so much, at least to me, and only till I read this. If you've ever gone head to head with a seasoned and articulate bull**** artist, then I imagine this will resonate with you as thoroughly as it did with me. I was married to one for 30+ years, and was never able to gain any traction whatever in discussions/arguments with him. It was very demoralizing. Now I know why.

    "Someone who lies and someone who tells the truth are playing on opposite sides, so to speak, in the same game. Each responds to the facts as he understands them, although the response of the one is guided by the authority of the truth, while the response of the other defies that authority and refuses to meet its demands.

    The bull******* however ignores these demands altogether. He does not reject the authority of the truth, as the liar does, and oppose himself to it. He pays no attention to it at all. By virtue of this, bull**** is a greater enemy of the truth than lies are."

    Harry G. Frankfurt, Professor Emeritus, Yale University
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    I'm going to save that quote Ronni as it explains things perfectly. I could name quite a few people who use Bull.... who are in jobs of great power!! Frightening isn't it?
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    This post has made me think for two days. Truth is real. Lies can be countered with truth.
    The greater enemy is as you stated B.S.
    Bs can also be defined as sophistry
    "the use of clever but false arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving."

    There are no contradictions in nature, a contradiction is either a lie or a lack of information and understanding.

    Truth is definitely one of my most important gods.
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    yep Ronni... there are a lot of BS ers out there. evil mean people. I tend to avoid BS-ers as much as I can. I have no use for dishonesty.
    Charming is another word used for good or bad... I usually lift my eyebrows and murmur... "charming".... not in a good way either.
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