Tigers coming to Britain!!

Discussion in 'Wildlife in the Garden' started by eileen, Mar 2, 2006.

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    The Asian Tiger mosquito has been spreading rapidly across Europe & the USA over the last couple of years & leading entomologists are predicting it's arrival on these shores very soon. There was one reported in Milton Keynes last year, fortunately the person who found it kept the specimen for identification & it turned out to be only a dragonfly!?!

    I've attached a link to an American site with some good pictures for ID, if you do find something you think is a Tiger please pop it in a pot and send it either to Insect Survey at Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, Herts. Or to the National History Museum.

    Do keep an eye out, especially when you are on the south or east coasts as you may be the person who first reports the Tiger's arrival in the UK. :D

    http://www.fcps.edu/StratfordLandingES/ ... squito.htm

    I'll definitely be hoping to spot one of these but not getting too close to it - have you seen the size of the thing!!!! :eek:

    If anyone else finds one be sure to take somes pics and post them in the forum here before you send it to Insect Survey or NHM!!!!! :D :D
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    Looks formidable alright Eileen. Will keep an eye out ok :D No promises though. That was a great link by the way, interesting to note that the males are vegetarian and the females are blood-suckers :D

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