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Discussion in 'Trees, Shrubs and Roses' started by Clay_22, Jun 12, 2013.

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    I planted a few tree bare roots from a arbor society donation. I had a handful doing well the over the past two years. Not sure why but one has yet to bloom. I could try and go back to find which species but I was wondering what would cause this to happen. It was growing and doing well to this past fall.

    I think it may be a tulip tree

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    Bare root trees and other plants take a little longer to establish in a new location. Those trees from the Arbor Day Foundation are normally small, under 10 inches tall is it now. If it's only been in the ground for 2 years, it just might not be ready to bloom yet.

    Several things can prevent a plant, even a tree, from blooming. Age, some need to reach a certain age before they produce blooms. Too much sun, too little sun, too much water, too little water. Not enough fertilizer, too much of one type of fertilizer.

    It would probably be best to find out what type of tree it is, if one of our members is growing it they could give you some specific information about it.
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    Clay_22, We have got Arbor Day Foundation trees and almost all of them have died. Now I don't mind donating money but I wash they would stop wasting my time on a plant that I don't have after a couple of years. I have so much garden space to fill I can't afford to futz around with something I won't have in a few years.

    I will just send them a donation next time and not ask for plants...
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    Clay, Did you have any really late frosts or freezes there? tender foliage can be damaged to the point of killing the tree. We had two really late cold snaps and there were many plants that were damaged or killed.

    And as Barb said, these "trees" are not the best of freebies. More work than they are worth, imo. Very few ever survive.

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