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    Well, I`m gonna try this tutorial thing to help out some beginner gardeners and maybe expert gardeners who didn`t know what we did.

    I also wanna try this to see if I can make some of my tuts featured.

    Here we go

    How to Start Seeds!

    Things you will need:

    Containers - This can range from purchased stuff like flats, pots, etc, to home made stuff, egg cartons etc.

    Soil - You need some soil, whether you have regular dirt with a side of peat moss. Or store bought soil with the mix already.

    Seeds** - You need this if you want to start seeds! Pick anything you want, this tutorial will be designed to help with any type of seed.

    Plastic Bags or Covers or Indoor / Outdoor Greenhouse - You need this to help the plants grow, from the plastic that is wrapped around whatever you`re using to help the plants grow from the heat.

    Light Source - This will help the plastic create heat around the plant to help it grow.

    Water - You obviously need this to help the seeds grow!

    STEP 1::

    Make sure your soil that you either purchased or made and mixed with peat moss if thawed out. Once it looks / feels all thawed out, find clumps in the dirt and squeeze them so they aren't chunks anymore.

    STEP 2::

    Now, grab your container that your using (flats, plug trays, seeding sacks, etc). Fill it with your soil that you just worked on. I suggest that you fill your container 3/4 full at the start, then seed, then put more soil ontop of that.

    STEP 3::

    Now it's time to seed! Grab your seed pkt and open it up, and put in 2-3 seeds per container, this way you have a 2/3 chance of a germinating seed, providing you did everything above properly.

    STEP 3.1::

    Above I have said to fill the container 3/4 full, then seed, then you can put the rest of the dirt on top. If you have done this step a;ready, then good for you!

    STEP 4::

    Water! Now it's time to water, REMEMBER: Always water, after you've planted something, ALWAYS!. Don't drown the seeds, give it a 2-3 times over, quick shot. make sure the soil is wet, if you have to, stick your finger in the container to see if the soil near the bottom is wet too.

    STEP 5::

    Now, If it's a nice hot day outside, then I suggest putting the container in the sun, if there is a little bit of breeze, that's ok, its letting the seed get air too to help it germinate.

    If it's raining outside, wrap your container in greenhouse plastic or a plastic bag, and place it near a light for its heat to help it grow.

    (Check up on the container, to make sure the soil isn't going dry, you can't have dry soil for very long before the plant dies)

    STEP 5::

    Waiting... Waiting... Well, stop waiting and staring at it, it won't happen over night! One thing I found out, yes, this may seem weird or dumb, but really its not, BUT talk to the plants, plants apparently love to be talked to, I've found this out, my current babies are growing lovely, I talk to them, make sure they're getting lots of heat, and watered when they look dry.

    This is my first tutorial, I hope you found this helpful, In my next tutorials, I will be adding some pictures for some guidelines.

    If you followed the steps above, I promise you your plants will grow!

    If your plants are growing, please post some pics and let me know how I did with this tut!

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    Nice tutorial. :D I don't sow much since I've had little success with it even though I do it like you explain. I'm only successful if I throw the seeds outside, which means I'll have to wait until we're properly thawed out. :p
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    Thanks Jordan I'm sure your tutorial is going to be a great help here. :-D

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