Using old style canning jars

Discussion in 'Food Preservation and Storage' started by Netty, Sep 24, 2011.

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    Netty, I re-use these jars also. My MIL buys fruit in a 3 cup jar at aldis and I recycle them and use them, too. If a canning band will tighten down on the jar try re-using them.

    FYI.. I had a customer bring me her jar to put honey in one day not long ago. (long story, slightly eccentric customer :rolleyes: , but sincere and nice...just a little or maybe a lot eccentric, [all her clothes are vintage], she didn't want me to fill one of my jars and swap her a jar...noooo, "please, I would rather you fill my jar {spoken at a whisper}". So, I did this. the jar she brought me was an old miracle whip jar from the 1980's, I am sure as it had a local grocery stores price tag on it and they haven't sticker tagged groceries since the late "80's around here. I couldn't believe how heavy the jar was. I don't use new miracle whip jars. Sometimes the bands won't screw on them anyway. They keep slipping as soon as I tighten the band.
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    If you look at the very very really old Miracle Whip jar or Mayo jars and you look around the 'side bottom' you will see in very very little letters, BALL.

    Also now these jars are plastic. I agree in the last few years of them using the glass ones they did get thinner and I couldn't find that little worf on the side. I don't have any of these. I only saved them in the 60 and 70's.

    Did I say that I love to save over abundant food to use the next season?? I also love that there are no extra additives in it. I love to preserve food. :D
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    I still use the 1/2 Gal. jars for Pickles! Great for doing them whole! Mayo and sauce jars brake in the Pressure caner.I also use these for water bathe stuff! I have many old mason jars as well I use them right along with my new ones!! The flats and rings fit them fine! Have not had any brake in my caners yet!
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