Walnut Tree?

Discussion in 'Plant ID' started by film495, Aug 5, 2017.

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    I have next to my garage a smallish 20ft tree - I think it is some sort of Walnut tree. This year I noticed there appears to be 30 or more bunches/clusters of about 20 small orange fruits growing in the canopy. I tried to look up which variety of Walnut would have orange color to young nuts, but I did not find anything. I'll try to get a picture.
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    Orange fruits this time of year sound more like native persimmon. Fruits may be hard now and I strongly suggest you not try to eat them til later in the fall. If you do you will really know what pucker power means. Later they will be soft and sweet. The fruits will have a cap where the stem meets the fruit. Leaves are shaped similar to black walnut. Sounds like the right size for persimmon,, they are not large trees.
    Really need those pics.

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